Industries that use our machining capabilities

Dairy & Food Processing

A range of stainless steel components are required for processing the raw materials produced by New Zealand's agricultural enterprises, from mixers, separators, conveyors through to finished product handling all of which have moving parts that benefit from our expertise.

Timber, Pulp & Paper

Standard wood processing equipment including edgers, gangs and slab chipping machinery all have multiple components that benefit from our CNC expertise. Sawmill equipment includes tools and machines to transport, position, cut, and otherwise aid in converting logs into lumber or other processed wood. Pulp and paper processing equipment includes fourdrinier machines, pulpers, digesters, refiners, chippers, chip processors, and other specialized machinery that have heavy-duty wear components we have assisted with.

Oil and Energy

These industries require pistons, valves, cylinders and many other complex components for large machinery. These are heavy-duty parts, usually made from high strength metals such as steel alloys or titanium. CNC machining is the ideal solution to manufacture such hard-wearing complex parts.


Diverse parts and components like pistons, connectors, sleeves, shafts, collars, and couplings are required to build and repair structures of all kind of conveyances like trains, buses, scooters, cars, trucks etc. Mechanical parts of various designs can be made easily in a CNC machine.

Steel and Metals Production

Heavy-duty rotating and moving equipment is integral to the manufacture, re-processing, etc of metals such as steel. These parts are subject to wear and require routine maintenance and replacement. CNC manufacture ensures high accuracy and repeatability.


Defence industry uses a lot of heavy-duty equipment, machinery, and vehicles. CNC machining is utilised to manufacture replacement parts for tanks or armoured vehicles for instance.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEMs require a range of precision custom parts, many are to be manufactured at medium to high volume. Our CNC machines are perfect for this purpose.


The aerospace industry demands high precision components that often have unique or complex designs. The strength and accuracy of the manufactured parts is paramount in an industry that is highly safety critical.